After experiencing another year of growth in 2017, Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy decided to surprise their team members with a non-traditional holiday bonus. On November 21, CEO Troy Vander Molen emailed the entire company that they wanted to continue to act on their vision of creating communities of healthy, happy, and hope-filled people by investing in local nonprofits in a tangible way. He wrote on to share that each employee was to select a local charity that they wanted to bless with a $1,000 donation. 
“Our team was so enthusiastic about taking part,” shared CEO and Physical Therapist Troy Vander Molen. “Some even cried happy tears as they shared about who they wanted to support. It was incredibly fulfilling to help our team spread happiness and hope to the people they serve and to support their unique passions and gifts.”
Kinetic Edge employs 37 individuals amongst their five clinic locations in Pella, Des Moines, Oskaloosa, Newton, and Ames. Ten of those employees work out of their physical therapy clinic and corporate headquarters in Pella. 
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Their team in Pella chose to give their $1,000 donation to Marion County Humane Society, InterVarsity, New Sharon Fire and Rescue Association, Pella Christian Grade School, Pella Christian High School’s band, Launching Arrows, Bethany Christian Services, The Well, Knoxville Racing Charitable Organization, Federated Fellowship Church’s Youth Group, and Pella Historical Society. 
The receiving charities were thrilled to hear of the donation, and many commented on what a unique opportunity this was for each employee to get to choose where the donation went. The nonprofits have all sorts of great plans for utilizing this unexpected donation from purchasing sensory items for a classroom to helping pay for a new ambulance to buying new curriculum or band instruments.
Kinetic Edge’s goal is to be a generous organization, as one of their core values states “a healthy business is one that consistently demonstrates trust, value, and generosity.” In addition to the $1,000 holiday donation bonus, the company chose to donate $20,000 to the Fields for our Future in Pella. This newly built recreational complex strengthens and unites the youth, families, and community by providing an exciting, safe, and high-quality sports park. 
“There are so many reasons I’m proud to be on the Kinetic Edge team, but one of the reasons I love working for this company the most is because of the Christian commitment and leadership,” shared Marketing Specialist Lindsey Klyn. “The owners’ generous choice to share the success we experienced this past year with us and our communities shows their character and true commitment to our mission and vision.”
Kinetic Edge is excited for what’s in store for 2018 and hopes to experience even more growth so that they can continue to give back to transform more lives throughout their communities. 
Kinetic Edge has clinics in Pella, Des Moines, Oskaloosa, Newton, and Ames and consults throughout the state of Iowa and beyond. Their services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, worker performance, athletic training, pediatric therapy, and medical fitness.
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