Pella Regional Health Center’s Daisy Award winners

Left to Right: Karissa De Bruin, DAISY winner along with Yvonne O’Brien-Evans, Chief Nursing Officer, and Karol Watson, DAISY winner.
Pella Regional Health Center is proud to announce that Karissa De Bruin in Surgery and Karol Watson in Hospice were DAISY winners for 2017.

The DAISY program is a national award, given at the local level, to registered nurses who exemplify extraordinary nursing. The focus is on the special touches and human consideration that these nurses give to their patients.

On May 8 Pella Regional nurses gathered together to recognize the 2017 winners and to celebrate the nursing profession. Co-workers and patients nominated Pella Regional nurses who exemplify someone who gives a special compassionate touch to those she/he meets and cares for.

Excerpt from Karissa De Bruin’s nomination:
“Karissa always has a positive attitude and is willing to go the extra mile when it is needed. She is a great teacher and is very patient when orienting new staff. Her Christian compassion is not only for her patients, but also their family members and other staff she works with.”

Excerpt from Karol Watson’s nomination:
“Karol is frequently the mediator in difficult family situations where some members are unwilling or unable to accept that a family member is dying. She has a special skill of communicating by using the right words and phrases to clarify understanding for people who are severely stressed. Time after time, she has worked with families until all members have a sense of peace about what is going on with their loved one.”

Pella Regional Health Center is a not-for-profit provider of health care that is accredited by The Joint Commission. Its mission is to provide healthcare and healing services with Christian compassion. Information on Pella Regional Health Center and its clinics is available by calling Public Relations at 641-621-2358 or visiting the website,

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