Reservable Campsites to Increase


Reservable Campsites to Increase at Lake Red Rock in 2017

The popularity of the campsite reservation program at Lake Red Rock has grown significantly in recent years. In response to demand, the Corps of Engineers will add over 100 campsites to the program in 2017. At that time, all sites in Howell Station, North Overlook, Wallashuck and Whitebreast Campgrounds will be reservable.

Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance but no less than 2 days prior to arrival. At any time that a site is not reserved, it is available for walk-in camping (first-come, first-serve). Based on historical campsite occupancy, it is anticipated that walk-in camping opportunities will exist during the majority of the recreational season.

Reservations can be made by calling the National Recreation Reservation Service toll-free at (877) 444-6777, going on-line at,
or by using a smartphone app.

For questions regarding the campsite reservation program, please contact the US Army Corps of Engineers by phone at (641) 828-7522 or (641) 628-8690, or by email at

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